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Strandja’s Amazing Forests | Strandja’s unieke bossen

Forests are among the most biodiverse habitats on the planet. But not all woodlands are the same.

Firewood from Strandja | Brandhout uit Strandja

Our firewood for winter has just arrived. Ten cubic metres of oak from the forests of Strandja. That is a big pile of wood…

Cycling through the Strandja mountains | Op de fiets door het Strandja gebergte

Many people we meet cycle through Strandja park. The Strandja mountains are very good for cycling, because an asphalt road (albeit with some holes in it that for some reason never get repaired) goes through the park from the Black Sea coast all the way to the border with Turkey. And many people continue from […]

Permaculture in Bulgaria | Permacultuur in Bulgarije

One of the principles of permaculture is to avoid tilling the soil. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly it takes a lot of energy to move so much soil. Secondly, and more importantly, disturbing the soil, especially inverting it, destroys its natural fertility by destroying organic matter and structure.

Shower in the sun | Douche in de zon

In the North West of Europe not many people I know of take solar showers. However, in Bulgaria it is quite common to heat your water by sunlight. Many people here have a solar water heating installation on their roofs, and there is also the oldfashioned system consisting of just a black-painted barrel on the […]

Houston, we have a problem

We found a small kitten behind the toilet. And it is ready to stay.

Poisonous things | Giftige dingen

Some things in the garden are more welcome than others. Things such as butterflies and kittens make you very happy. But what when you find Bulgaria’s most poisonous snake in your back garden?

Fire-dancing in the Strandja Mountains | Vuurdans in het Strandja gebergte

A large fire in the village square slowly burns down into hot coals. It has been raining a little and mist floats into the valleys surrounding us while the sun fades. More and more people gather round the burning coals. Suddenly, the music that has been going on for the last hour pauses and everything […]

Rhododendron ponticum – you love it or you hate it | Rhododendron ponticum – een haat-liefde verhouding

While working in the South-West of England in nature conservation, I came across the plant Rhododendron ponticum quite often. In England, it is grown in many gardens for its beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, it has the nasty habit of escaping and invading the surrounding native woodlands.

Fire-dancing deep in the forest | Vuurdansen diep in het woud

It is the last day of May and we are up early for a special event in Strandja Nature Park. Today the people of Strandja celebrate the day of the Saints Konstantin and Elena. This special event is famous in Bulgaria and beyond, because it involves dancing on hot coals by the Nestinari (the fire […]